5 ways to save on petrol

Colleen B Senior Freebie Finder at Magic Freebies – Free Stuff, Free Samples, Freebies & more shares her top fuel-saving tips.

1. Tyre pressure

Getting your tyre pressure right can help extend the life of your tyre, keep your car safe and maintain fuel efficiency. Cars that have under-inflated tyres can require more fuel than correctly inflated tyres in order to maintain the same speed. Take the time to check yours for free at your local garage.

2. Turn off your engine

When you’re waiting to pick up a passenger make sure you don’t sit there with the engine running. Switching the engine off will save on both fuel and pollution.

3. Hop on the bus

Check Google maps for alternative routes to your journey. You may find it’s easier and quicker to go by public transport than to hop in your car.

4. Organise a car pool

Going to a big family event or need to get to work? Speak to others and see how many people are looking to travel to your chosen destination. It's a great way to split the cost of the money and you might be able to share the driving responsibility too!

5. Remove unnecessary weight

Get rid of that roof rack and those golf clubs from your boot – extra weight means you have to use extra petrol to carry it. If you don’t tend to fill up your car you might even consider taking out the backseats – a 100kg load can reduce mileage by up to as much as five miles per gallon.

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