5 quick ways to make cash this Christmas

1. Clear out your wardrobe

Are your wardrobes packed to the rim with clothes you don't wear? Sites like Preloved help you sell clothing and jewellery, and they don’t charge any listing or selling fees. So why don’t you declutter and make some cash to spend on yourself and your family in 2016?

2. Sell your old phones

Have you ever wondered what happened to all of the old phones you and your family have used? Our guess is they’re currently sitting in the drawers at home, gathering dust. Or have you recently bought a new phone in the Black Friday sales, like 11 per cent of Brits have done in the past, and don’t know what to do with your old one? One of the fastest ways to make money is to recycle your old phones. The average consumer gets £126 for an old device – that’s pretty good! Money can be redeemed as cash, cheque, same day bank transfer or vouchers depending on which site you recycle with. Check out sites like SellMyMobile to compare the deals and make sure you get the most for your old phones.

3. Rent out your spare room

Do you have a spare room now that the children are living away? Pop it on sites like AirB&B and you can start making money straight away, with lodgers staying for just a night or weeks. If you’re going to be away this Christmas with the family, why not rent out your own home during that time? If you’re worried about leaving someone else in your home, all guests receive reviews so you can ensure that the person who stays has a good track record of things like cleanliness and reliability.

4. Earn money shopping

If you love shopping but don’t have any money to spend, you can now combine a trip to the shops while getting paid to do some mystery shopping. Sites like MarketChecker and GrassRoots enrol you as a mystery shopper and you can start testing things – from shops to hotels to restaurants. So if you love shopping and eating, this could be the perfect job!

5. Make appy money

There are plenty of new apps out there which help you make money on the go. Some of these set you location-based tasks (from checking if a business is still in operation, to checking street signs, stock levels and much more) and then send that insight back to businesses. If you like keeping tabs on your local area, it’s worth checking out apps like Streetspotr, BeMyEye and Roamler to see if they’re available near you.

Thanks to SellMyMobile.

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