5 minute guide to changing energy providers and saving money

5 minute guide to changing energy providers and saving money

Meet our expert

Mark Todd is director of and co-founder of energyhelpline – our partner at Yours Switching

Energy bills make up a huge portion of our household expenses – if we’re paying over the odds for our gas and electricity we could be wasting hundreds of pounds each year. Switching energy suppliers doesn’t have to be a hassle – in fact all it takes is five minutes with our handy guide…

Why switch?

You could save a lot of money!
It’s estimated that up to 80 per cent of us aren’t on the cheapest energy tariff for our area of the UK, and as many as 45 per cent of us have never tried switching suppliers. You could see a saving of £200 or more by moving to another company – especially if you’ve never switched before.

How do I switch?

Yours has a dedicated switching service to make it as easy as possible for you. Either fill in your details at www.yours.co.uk/switching, or, if you’d rather speak to someone on the phone, call our friendly helpline on 0800 088 77 77.

Before you start you’ll just need to find the latest copy of your energy bill. Whether you’re online or speaking to an advisor by phone, the information on there will help ensure that you get the most accurate comparison possible.
You will need:

  • Your postcode
  • Your current energy usage per month, preferably in kW/h (if you can’t find this use the handy online calculator at the web address below to estimate it).
  • Your current supplier and tariff

Yours Switching can compare all the suppliers on the market so you can see if your current deal is the best one for you. As well as all the details of the tariffs available, you’ll also be given information on contract lengths, cancellation penalties and customer service ratings so that you can make the most informed decision about your future energy supplier.

When you’ve chosen the tariff  you want, the switching team will take care of all the paperwork for you. There will be no interruption to your gas or electricity supply.

Will I be charged for all this?

Not at all, the switching service is free and impartial. Switching companies are obliged by the Ofgem Confidence Code to offer impartial, unbiased, comprehensive and accurate results so you can be assured they aren’t going to give you the hard sell. Using a dedicated switching service just means that the whole thing is hassle free.

When should I switch?

If you pay by monthly direct debit the best time to switch is at the end of the summer, because you will have
built up credit by not using as much energy during the warmer weather. That could mean your current supplier has to give you some money back. Switching in the spring may mean you have a bill to pay to settle your account – but this winter has been fairly mild so you may have used less energy than usual. Ensure you take a final meter reading and give it to your energy provider so that you get an accurate final bill.