10 ways to save cash at work

We’re meant to go to work to earn money but it’s not until you start to add up just how much you spend that you realise how much cash you’re wasting. "That quick coffee on the way in soon adds up, as does the meal deal every lunch time," says Darren Williams from PromotionalCodes. "However with a little pre-planning and common sense, you can have more of your hard-earned cash in your bank account come the end of the month."

1. Coffee

A coffee on your way in to work, one mid morning and already your coffee bill is topping around £5 a day. Over a working week that’s £25 you’ve wasted. Over a year that totals £1,300. Instead, invest in a flask and take your coffee in with you. If your office has tea and coffee-making facilities, use these instead.

It’s worth getting up 20 minutes earlier to save £910 a year

2. Breakfast

Grabbing your breakfast on the way in to work may seem like a great way to save time in the morning, but spending £3.50 on a bacon roll each day will soon add up, to the tune of £17.50 a week. It’s worth getting up 20 minutes earlier to save £910 a year.

3. Lunch

Popping out for a sandwich? Expect to shell out around £4 for a basic meal-deal, which tots up to £1,040 in a year. Instead, why not make yourself a packed lunch and bring it in. Leftovers from the night before are always a good choice or a nice healthy salad.

4. Snacks

A chocolate bar to get you through that mid-afternoon lull could be costing you – both cash and calories. Buying it from the office vending machine will certainly ramp up the cost. To cut back on that spend, take in fruit, cereal bars or nuts. You’ll have your snack at hand without being tempted by calorific treats.

5.  Journey into work

If you drive to work alone, why not see if your colleagues want to car share? If you live within walking distance but normally take the bus, try getting up a little earlier, lace up your trainers and power walk into work. Great exercise and it’s free.

6. Water

That bottle of fancy water will be costing you over a pound a day. Instead invest in a nice water bottle and fill it up from the tap or the office water filter. 

7. Your lunch break

If you work close to town it’s far too tempting to pop in for a quick browse over lunchtime and treat yourself to one or two things. Why not use that hour to catch up on a bit of reading, knit yourself a scarf or learn a language.

8. Meeting friends for lunch

If you’re meeting up with friends for lunch, each take something yummy and share it all instead of heading to a bar or restaurant. You could even theme your lunches – maybe Greek one week, Italian the next and French the week after.

9. Book/clothes swaps

Why not set up a swap circle with some work colleagues? You could swap books, accessories, clothes, household items – anything you’re tired of or finished with. By swapping the items, you get something new to take home too.

10. The 10-second rule

If you do get tempted by a bit of lunch-time browsing, employ the 10-second rule. When you have an item in your hand, leave it for 10-seconds then ask yourself if you really need it. Nine times out of ten you’ll change your mind and put it back on the shelf.

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