5-minute guide to smart thermostats

What it does

Unlike the usual thermostats in many homes, smart thermostats give you full control over your home’s heating. Smart thermostats allow you to manage your home’s temperature based on the time of day and from a remote location, using an app on your smart phone or tablet. Some smart thermostats can even learn and adapt to your behaviour, creating personalised heating schedules that fit around when you’re actually in the home.

What’s available?

Smart thermostats are interchangeable, so you don’t have to use your energy supplier’s version. It all depends on what features you’re looking for. For example, British Gas’s smart thermostat, Hive, requires you to make changes manually whereas Google’s Nest can adapt your home’s temperature to your behaviour by monitoring your daily habits. Other manufacturers such as Honeywell provide the ability to split your home into different zones to heat up particular areas and energy waste.

Cost of each


  • Hive – British Gas installation is included in the price and can take around an hour
  • Nest – Nest needs to be installed by a trained professional, local Nest Pros and pricing can be found using this helpful tool
  • Tado – any type of thermostat – digital, analogue or relay controlled, can be replaced with a Tado Smart Thermostat which comes with an installation guide 
  • Honeywell – Honeywell has a list of Honeywell Connected Specialists who are experienced in installing their thermostats, local engineers can be found
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