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Why many dog owners are calling for a change in firework laws

PetsLorna WhitePets, dogs
Why many dog owners are calling for a change in firework laws

We all know how distressing bonfire night can be for our pets and now UK dog owners are calling for a change in firework laws. In a poll of over 2,000 dog owners, 96 per cent believe laws around fireworks should be changed to introduce a ban on unlicensed fireworks.

Conducted by Lintbells, the survey revealed the true effect that fireworks have on our four-legged-friends with 70 per cent of dog owners surveyed claiming bonfire season has a negative affect on our families, causing many to want further legislation on fireworks.

Many of the dog owners revealed that they are forced to spend a considerable amount of time prepping their pet pooch for the loud bangs and sudden flashes of light on and around November 5th every year.

Nearly 80 per cent of dog owners admit to turning on the TV or radio to help mask the bangs and crackles that often trigger stress and anxiety in their dogs. Over 75 per cent close curtains, windows and doors to shelter their pets from the explosions that light up the sky.


Almost 50 per cent of dog owners create a safe haven for their dogs to escape to during the course of the night, with even 25 per cent of them have giving a natural supplement to help soothe their frightened pets.

Clinical Animal Behaviourist Dr Emily Blackwell from the University of Bristol, has highlighted the dangers of fireworks phobia for pet owners: “The findings suggest that the sudden loud noises made by fireworks are a significant welfare concern. I therefore support calls by the British Veterinary Association and RSPCA for further measures to protect dogs and other pets from the distress caused by fireworks, by lowering the current noise limit for fireworks sold to the general public.”

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How to calm your dog on bonfire night

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Emma Richardson, Brand Manager at Lintbells said: “It’s not just dogs that are affected by fireworks. The loud noises, bangs, crackles and burning smell that fireworks produce can startle cats, farm animals and wildlife who may accidentally hurt themselves. The waste that’s left behind including the sharp plastic, tubes and sticks pointing out of the ground can also affect local animals and wildlife.

“These statistics from our recent customer survey are therefore not surprising. We at Lintbells have always placed great importance on maintaining and supporting the health and wellbeing of our pets. Our popular YuCALM products have proven useful to pet owners who are looking at ways to help soothe and calm their pets during this season and it is indeed a step towards making sure their happy all through the night.”