Why cats just love boxes

Why cats just love boxes

You know the drill. You get over-excited in Pets at Home and splash the cash on some fancy treat for your cat, perhaps a new scratching post or play frame.

You bring it home, full of smug enthusiasm for how much your cat will love you for treating them like this. You open it up, the cat looking on usually apaethtic and only faintly interested. You then take a good half an hour constructing the thing (flat-plan construction was never your strong point).

The cat walks up to it, sniffs it once, turns round and immediately pounces in the box it came in, where it remains for the rest of the day, oblivious and sometimes even looking on disdainful towards this other thing you keep trying to get them to pay attention to.

There's no two ways about it: cats LOVE boxes! But why?

The latest Simon's Cat Logic video enlists the help of the feline behaviour experts at Cats Protection UK to solve this mystery that has perplexed cat lovers for years.