What's the most expensive pet to buy?

What's the most expensive pet to buy?

Buying a pet can seem like the done thing to do but whether your tastes are domestic or exotic it can come at a hefty price, warns new research. Money-saving website PromotionalCodes.org.uk has looked into the costs of buying our top ten most popular pets, including a ferret, tortoise, guinea pig, lizard, parrot, rabbit and hamster.

Their research revealed that a Grey African Parrot is the most expensive pet to buy, setting you back a screeching £959 – taking into account the price of the bird, its enclosure and one batch of food. The Bearded Dragon is the most-picked reptile to have as a pet and the second most expensive to buy at £300 – with a vivarium coming in at £145 and a box of moist food £11, totalling £456.

At the other end of the scale a Syrian hamster is yours for £40 in total, making it the best option if you’re tight on the purse strings.

Dogs are the third most expensive pet at £406. With the most popular breed in the UK being the black Labrador, the cost of a puppy will set you back around £350.This is as well as an indoor cage to keep your pooch safe at night and when travelling which will cost £50 and of course food, with one bag of meaty treats coming in at £6.

If you’re more of a cat person than you’re in luck – they were revealed to be the second cheapest pet to buy. The price of a kitten is £25, while a cat carry-box is £17 and food £6.

The research did not look at the cost of insurance, microchipping and vaccinations which can further bump up the price. Read our guide to dog microchipping. Plus learn how to brush your dog's teeth.