Lizzy DeningPets, Dogs

This dog poo sign went viral!

Lizzy DeningPets, Dogs
This dog poo sign went viral!

There’s nothing as disgusting as slipping in dog poo on a wintery walk, so we had to laugh at this sign designed to make dog owners pick up their dog’s mess!

The sign, spotted by Julie Murden from Dullingham in Cambridgeshire, went viral thanks to its funny slogan, getting shred on Facebook more than 60,000 times.

The poster, which she discovered stuck to a tree on a village footpath, says:

‘Want to start YOGA? Start by bending over and picking up your dog poo – known as the ‘downward dog position’ – THEN PUT IT IN A BIN.’

Julie has told the BBC: “I was quite surprised it had so many shares and has apparently reached Dubai and Italy.”

She doesn’t know who made the poster, but she liked its humour and serious message, especially as the footpath is used by children on their way to school.

UK dog poo laws

There are apparently around eight million dogs in the UK, dropping around 1,000 tonnes of waste every single day. The current law means dog owners can receive a £50-£80 on-the-spot fine for failing to clear up mess. This can rise up to £1,000 if they aren’t paid promptly or end up in court. Many people believe the law doesn’t apply if they don’t own the dog in question, but that’s not the case.

Fines vary depending on the council, with Manchester council chiefs apparently considering a ban on walking more than four dogs at a time. You can report irresponsible owners to your local council. The only exceptions to the rule are people with mobility or sight disabilities, and also working dogs are unlikely to be fined while on duty.

Nearly 75,000 complaints were made about dog mess ruining British scenic spots in 2014-15. Come on owners – scoop that poop!