Ruth Langsford's home cleaning tips for pet owners

Ruth Langsford's home cleaning tips for pet owners

Dogs and cats are a beloved part of our family home but they do tend to leave their mark all over our house, as any of us who've found pet hair in the most unexpected places around over the house will know all too well.

And at this time of the year, when fleas and ticks often take up residence in the fur of our puss and pooches, it's more important than ever to keep on top of pet hair in our home. After all, no one wants a flea infestation in their home which can take months to get rid of!

So This Morning presenter Ruth Langsford, and her trusty rescue dog, Maggie, have teamed up with flea and tick protection company FRONTLINE® Spot On, to come up with some top tips for keeping your house clean and free from pet-related pests:

  • Treatment's cheaper than the cure- First off, make sure your pets have had a flea and tick treatment- ideally one that's monthly. You also want to give pets a once over after walks looking for thorns or grass seeds, as well as nasty parasites like ticks, which can transmit Lyme Disease to both humans and dogs -don’t miss out on those hard to reach areas like in between their toes!
  • Viva the vacuum! Regular vaccing, particularly in dark places, will help to reduce the number of flea eggs, larvae and pupae in your home that pets can bring in. Don’t forget to do under rugs and behind cushions as well in between floorboards (using the nozzle on your hoover).
  • Hot wash- Write a note in your diary to wash your pet's bedding every two or three weeks and put them in at above 60°C to get rid of any parasites who may have made a home there
  • Spray away- Use an environmental spray that contains what's called an  Insect Growth Regulator (IGR), to kill eggs and larvae so these don't get chance to breed. Remember to use it everywhere your pet goes – not just throughout the house, but in your car for example.
  • Let them roam- Make sure you allow your pets to potter freely around your house once they’ve had the flea treatment – this ensures that, if newly hatched fleas jump on board your pet, they will be killed straight away as your pet is now acting as a walking flea killing machine!

How to keep your dog healthy this summer from Merial on Vimeo.

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