Lizzy Dening

Paws for Tea with the Blue Cross

Lizzy Dening
Paws for Tea with the Blue Cross

Catch up with friends over a cuppa and cake, while raising funds for animals in need, by hosting a Blue Cross Tea Party

Stick the kettle on and raid the cake tin – it’s time for a tea party! This Spring Yours charity partner Blue Cross are asking you to invite over your friends, family, neighbours or colleagues for a special get-together in the name of all creatures great and small. Whether it’s a few pals in your back-garden, a big gathering at a local club you’re part of or a bake sale at your grandchildren’s school, you could help change animal’s lives just by having a cuppa and eating sweet stuff.  

To take part all you need to do is call 08444 993 663 or go online at

You’ll be sent a fundraising pack containing games for guests to play along to, recipe ideas, posters, balloons and a collection box where your guests can leave a donation to be sent to Blue Cross, the much-loved animal welfare charity. Here’s a few tips to get you started on hosting a party. 

1 Pick a date

While the official date of the Blue Cross tea party, called Paws for Tea, takes place on May 11, once you’ve signed up you can hold your tea party anytime in the next year. Or if you don’t feel you can host a party yourself, visit the Paws For Tea page to find out where your nearest rehoming centre or charity shop tea party is happening. 

2 Choose a venue

Your garden or kitchen might be fine if it’s just a few friends or you could consider renting out a church hall or community centre if you fancy doing something bigger

3 Plan your day

Think about who you want to invite and send out some special invitations from your fundraising pack

4 Ready, steady, bake

Whether you want to make an old favourite or try something new, check out the recipe cards in your fundraising pack for plenty of baking inspiration. Ask the grandchildren or neighbours to lend a hand

5 Raise the most

Paws for Tea is about having fun but also about raising as much money as possible for the pets in the care of Blue Cross. Remember to put your collection box out and price your cakes. You could also raise the stakes by encouraging other friends to host a party and seeing who can raise more.

How you’ll be helping

As you dunk biscuits and polish off sandwiches and cakes, you can be happy in the knowledge that the money you raise from your Paws for Tea party will support the thousands of sick, injured and abandoned animals Blue Cross helps every year at its rehoming centres and hospitals around the country.

As well as hands-on care, you’ll also be helping fund Blue Cross’ vital work giving free education talks on responsible pet ownership as well as their Pet Bereavement Service, which helps people cope with the loss of a pet.