Keep your pet calm this Christmas

Keep your pet calm this Christmas


All those sparkly decorations and guests walking through the front door can make your pet’s home feel and smell a little different. To keep your cat or dog calm this Christmas we’ve found some top tips so they can enjoy the festivities as much as you.

  1. Try to keep pets away when crackers are pulled and champagne is popped. It is likely the loud bangs will frighten them.
  2. On days when guests are visiting, be sure to stick to daily routines as much as possible. Feed and exercise times are an important part of a pet’s day, so if this can remain as normal it should help with relaxation.
  3. Treat your pet to a new toy for Christmas Day, but don’t force them to play.
  4. On days when fireworks are likely to be set off, walk dogs during daylight hours and then keep cats and dogs indoors overnight.
  5. Consult your vet on how Calmex and other pet calming products can help deal with the impact of stress and anxiety for your cat or dog.

Tips from Calmex. Calmex is available through all leading veterinary practices and is currently offered for both cats and dogs.

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