How to cover your pet abroad
  • Your pet will need a passport issued by a vet: "This costs £100 to £250 including micro-chipping and vaccinations, so check your pet insurer will cover the passport if it’s lost or stolen," says Ben Wilson at Gocompare.
  • Check your pet's insurance policy covers vet fees abroad. Some only cover vet fees in EU countries that are part of the government's pet passport scheme.
  • Watch out for countries that aren't covered.
  • Your animal may have to be kennelled or held in a cattery and have extra health checks and vaccinations before it is allowed back into the UK – all of which will cost. In extreme circumstances they might even have to be quarantined before returning to the UK, so it's important to make sure you look after your pet's passport and health certificates when travelling and ensure that you have sufficient pet insurance for the trip.
  • Find the nearest vet to your holiday destination before you go - and take paperwork and a translation for pre-existing conditions. If the worst happens and you do have to visit a vet, at least the language won't be a barrier to getting your pet treated as soon as possible.
  • Check if you’ll be compensated for disrupted travel plans if your pet falls ill.

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