Dogs can detect cancer

Dogs can detect cancer

Did you know that dogs can detect cancer by its smell? We know they have an amazing sense of smell but it turns out that dogs can be trained to smell cancer before we can even see any symptoms.

Now, doctors are investigating the charity Medical Detection Dogs in a hope to use it for prostate cancer detection.

We’re all aware of the shocking rise in prostate cancer cases, with the disease now taking more lives than breast cancer. Dog detection could prevent men from undergoing the invasive tests to find prostate cancer.

A dog’s sense of smell is quite incredible! Did you know that they can detect odours at a concentration of one part per trillion. This means that they can smell different diseases at their earliest stage.

The dogs used to detect the diseases tend to be labradors or cocker spaniels on account of their curious, sociable natures. However, the dogs require a minimum of six months’ training, which costs the charity £11,000 per dog, after which most can correctly sniff prostate cancer within a minute.

The test would require patients to provide a urine sample which is then placed on a carousel of anonymous urine samples. The dog is then trained to sit next to the sample that they can smell cancer in.