Dog food made from insects is now available in the UK

Dog food made from insects is now available in the UK

As the world becomes more environmentally conscious, we’ve made changes to our every day lives to do our bit, from reusable coffee cups to making a bigger effort to recycle. Now, attention is turning to our diets. With a link between meat consumption and pollution through fossil fuels, animal methane and land consumption, experts have suggested that if we want to do our part to fight climate change we should perhaps consider switching to a meat-free diet. 


However, humans aren’t the only meat eaters on Earth. It’s estimated that pets consume about 20 per cent of the worlds meat and fish, with pet food estimated to contribute to a quarter of the environmental impacts of meat production. That’s why a new initiative of insect based pet food is now being sold in the UK. 

The food is very nutritious, containing all the essential proteins, fats, minerals and amino acids to keep dogs healthy whilst making the food easy to digest. Currently, the food is only available in the form of dried pellets but it is hoped it will soon be available in wet form too.

Yora, the brand responsible for creating the pet food, claim it is the most sustainable pet food in the world! The initiative came after creator of Yora, Tom Neish, realised there was a trend for owners to feed their pets human standard meat in the form of premium pet food brands, which isn’t very environmentally friendly. 

A dog owner himself, he was keen to think up a tasty and nutritious alternative to meat based pet food and after trying an energy bar made from crickets, he realised insects could also be used for pet food.

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So could this be the start of swapping meat for insects? Not only in our pets diet but also our own? Sainsbury’s already stock edible crickets that are barbecued and packaged in small bags. An insect diet isn’t that unheard of either with over 1,000 countries in the world consume insects as part of their regular diet. 

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