Gabrielle Albert

Would you choose your pet over your partner?

Gabrielle Albert
Would you choose your pet over your partner?

In 2016 we spent a staggering £7.1 billion on our pets, so it’s no secret that we’re a nation of animal lovers. We were the first country to ever start a welfare charity for animals and now eleven million of our households own a pet.  

For most people, pets are not just animals – they are part of the family and many of us treat them as such. Taking them on holiday, buying them presents and allowing them to sleep indoors is now common place.  

A survey conducted by pet insurer helpucover reveals the extreme lengths us Brits are prepared to go to care for our beloved critters.

  • Twelve per cent of owners said they would happily commit themselves to additional debt, or forfeit their hobby or most valuable possession in order to pay for their vet bills. Eighteen per cent said they even planned to include their pet in their will. It would seem our pets are priceless to us!
  • When it comes to life and death, almost half of pet owners said that they would sacrifice their own lives for their animals. If you’re an animal fan, you may not find it surprising that many owners would consider running into a burning building or even jumping into dangerous waters to save their four legged friend from harm.
  • We all know of someone who treats their pet like a child. Many couples nowadays decide to get a pet before, or instead of having their own children. Nearly half of the people surveyed admitted to treating their pets with presents for occasions such as birthdays and Christmas. Though apparently there is a line. Only ten per cent said they would indulge their pet with presents in excess of £100. 
  • Many owners put their pets first when making live changing decisions. A quarter of people said they would split up with their partner if they did not get along with their pet, while 1 in 10 said they would go as far as getting a divorce. After all, three is a crowd.
  • Believe it or not, materialistic values actually wear thin amongst the pet crowd. Only ten per cent of owners said they would spend over £100 on presents for their pets and only eight per cent said they would start a social media account for their beloved animal. It would seem that status, image and materials have very little place when it comes to loving your pet.
  • This survey confirms that UK really is a nation obsessed with its pets. It seems that for many people the bond they have with their animals is deeply important, with owners more devoted to their pooches and felines than ever before