10 toxic treats that could be killing your dog

10 toxic treats that could be killing your dog

Leading doggie dietician Kristina Johansen from ElmosKitchen.com says many owners are unwittingly giving their animals poisonous and toxic foods without even realising it.

Foods we humans enjoy – such as onions and grapes - can be lethal to our four legged friends, so even leftovers from a Sunday roast could make a dog seriously ill.

This because a dog’s digestive system is not equipped to handle the same food as humans. Here's a helpful list of the top ten foods you should avoid giving your dog.

Top ten lethal dog foods:

  1. Chocolate
  2. Xylitol (Artificial sweetener)
  3. Grapes and Raisins
  4. Caffeine
  5. Macadamia Nuts
  6. Alcohol
  7. Fruit pips and seeds
  8. Table scraps
  9. Cooked bones
  10. Onions

Most fruit and vegetables are very good for our four legged friends, but grapes, leeks and onions are doggy no nos.

Onions contain a chemical that can damage dog’s red blood cells and cause anaemia, weakness and breathing difficulties, whereas feeding your dog a handful of grapes can cause their kidney’s to shut down which can be fatal.

Grapes, on the other hand, can be highly toxic and only a few bites can cause severe health problems and even death.

Leeks are also dangerous as they are from the same family as onions, and so can cause similar problems, including nausea.

Chocolate is one of the most well-known toxic foods for dogs, as it contains a chemical which dogs can’t metabolise. The chemical accumulates in a dog’s body and becomes toxic or even fatal.

Alongside these were alcoholic beverages such as champagne and beer which can be extremely harmful to a dog’s long term health.

Just a couple of sips from your glass at your next celebration could cause significant harm, particularly if you have a small dog as the amount of alcohol it takes to cause harm is significantly less.

However, there are a number of human foods that can safely be given to dogs. These include scrambled eggs, carrots and popcorn, which all boast several health benefits.

Kristina, whose canine dietician business ElmosKitchen.com is named after her own beloved but sadly departed pet, said: “It’s so easy to give your dog your leftovers, but it’s important to remember that although they are part of the family they have a completely different digestion system to humans, and so some foods that we would class as healthy can be toxic.

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