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10 Reasons to adopt an older dog

Lorna WhitePets
10 Reasons to adopt an older dog

Although puppies are extremely adorable, senior dogs are also very sweet and easily lovable. When you are looking to adopt a dog, why not consider a more mature one?

It is increasingly difficult for animal shelters to find homes for older dogs - a sad reality because they would make for excellent pets. Some people have the misconception that since they are in shelters, there must be something wrong with them. But most of the time, it’s a case of their owner passing away, moving into care, or their family can no longer afford to take care of them.

Here are 10 reasons why you should consider adopting a senior dog instead of a puppy:

  1. Already well trained - A senior dog has already mastered basic commands such as “come,” “sit,” “down,” and “stay.” It will automatically save you a lot of energy as well as time that you would otherwise have dedicated to training a puppy.

  2. You could be saving their life - Once shelters get overcrowded, they are the ones that get euthanized. When you adopt a dog, you will not only provide it with a home, but you could also be saving it from being put down.

  3. Your new companion - With a senior dog, there will be no leash training if you’re looking for a companion to take long walks with. At the park, you can play and enjoy a game of fetch. It also makes up for a great workout companion and at night, a sweet snuggle buddy.

  4. Know what you are getting - It’s a guarantee that what you bring home today will not change by growth. A senior dog doesn’t surprise you with changes in size, type of coat or color like puppies do. All you have to look out for is its medical condition such as bad hips or failing eyesight.

  5. Skip teething - It’s not a pleasing stage for puppies. It is when their baby teeth fall out as their adult teeth start to grow. At this stage, they will chew on anything they come across in your home. With a senior dog, you will never have to learn the displeasures of this stage.

  6. Fewer vet costs - A puppy incurs higher vet bills compared to a senior dog. It requires multiple rounds of neutering and vaccinations. A senior dog comes sterilized and vaccinated already.

  7. It’s calmer - All dogs love to run around. But a senior dog is calmer and easier to deal with than young and hyper puppies.

  8. They are Less Work - A puppy will require supervised care round the clock until it gets used to a routine. You will need to put your life on hold and give it undivided attention for a while. All the more reason why you should go for a senior dog. Yes, it will require love and care too, but you will be more time for yourself with fewer disruptions to your routine.

  9. Great if you’ve never had a dog before - Senior dogs are best for first time pet owners. Don’t know where to adopt a dog? Just Google a pet adoption agency near you. When you adopt a pet, it is an enormous investment of both money and time. According to PetFinder.com, a senior dog is independent and reliable, and will give newbies time to process and be able to handle the huge commitment. As long as you invest and feed it with the best senior dog food, you can expect no hiccups.

  10. They are grateful - At the pet adoption agency, the older pets seem to understand their chances of getting adopted are slim. Therefore when you adopt one, they become grateful for having another loving home. They form a bond with the family almost instantly.

By Sophia Clark