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What's the most neighbourly city in the UK?

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What's the most neighbourly city in the UK?

A good old chinwag with our neighbours might today feel like an act of the past we can look back on with nostalgic fondness. But a new survey has in fact shown that neighbourliness is still alive and kicking in the UK today.

In a new study from chocolatiers, Lily O’Brien, 80 per cent of people said they would describe their neighbours as friendly and two-thirds saying they would call them polite. As much as 91 per cent of us from the UK and Ireland also know the names of the people next door, the survey of 5,000 UK adults found,

We’re no longer nipping round to the neighbours for that old excuse of borrowing a cup of sugar too, but rather because of parcels. As more and more of us shop online, it’s becoming increasingly common for us to receive goodies that end up next door when we’re not in. 67 per cent of those surveyed in fact said they most regularly met with their neighbours when nipping round to retrieve that Amazon box the postie left behind with them.

 Our more mature years also tends to make us more neighbourly than the young ones. 86 per cent of people surveyed over 55 said there were more likely to be friends with their neighbours than just 69 per cent of those aged 16-24.

And when in comes to the place where neighbours at are their friendliest, Southampton tops the poll, with Norwich and Brighton following closely behind in second and third place. 

Here’s the top ten most neighbourly cities in the UK from the survey:

  1. Southampton
  2. Norwich
  3. Brighton
  4. Liverpool
  5. Bristol
  6. Edinburgh
  7. Newcastle
  8. Sheffield
  9. Leeds
  10. Plymouth

To celebrate Love Your Neighbour Week (23-27 February), Lily O’Briens want you to help them find the ultimate neighbour. Nominate your neighbour by tweeting the reason they’re the best to @lilyobriens using the #UltimateNeighbour hashtag. If your neighbour wins, you could receive a party in a box to share with your neighbour or a box of Lily O’Brien chocolates.

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