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Top tips for making the most of a small bathroom

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Top tips for making the most of a small bathroom

The bathroom should be a place of sanctuary, no matter what the size. If you are short of space, it is still possible to maximise what is available and create something that’s attractive, as well as functional. Adam Chard from Victoria Plumb gives his top tips.

1. Clear the decks
The bathroom is one room where clutter can easily build up. Available surface areas are often covered with a variety of toiletries, bottles and ornaments – start by trying to reduce this and use clever storage solutions. If you can’t bear to be brutal, use a compact storage space that gives them a new home. Leaving a few choice items on display works well, but use surfaces that are out of the way like window ledges or shelves.

2. Keep it simple 
As well as de-cluttering, simplifying the space means using uncomplicated, clean lines. Keep patterns and overcomplicated designs to a minimum. Natural looking finishes like stone walls and bright tiles can really help set this look off. Creating room to manoeuvre is possible in any bathroom, no matter what size. It is simply a case of opting for clean, bright decorations and keeping the room as ordered and tidy as possible – with everything in its place, instead of a free-for-all.

3. Lighten up
Light plays a key part in creating the first impression of any room in the house – this technique works particularly well in the bathroom. Natural light reflects off surfaces and creates the illusion of a larger space. Make sure you get the most natural light possible through windows and skylights. No windows? Simple: install lights to create the right effects. Clear glass (instead of frosted) shower screens can help bring out more light in the room. It is also important to paint the bathroom with neutral bright colours like white and cream as this can also give the illusion of a larger space.

4. Think outside the storage box
Many items of modern bathroom furniture are designed in order to make the most of available space. It’s therefore a good idea to select compact items like corner basins and units that sit to the side of sanitary fixtures to avoid creating obstructions. Raising bathroom furniture off the floor also helps create an illusion of more space. Using wall cupboards instead of having storage taking up a floor area also frees up more room. The thing to remember here is that simple measures can really help in improving the look and feel of a bathroom – whatever the size – without having to cost a fortune.