Top 50 reasons not to move into an old house

Top 50 reasons not to move into an old house

Mice or rats running around, bats in the attic and squeaky floorboards are just some of the reasons Brits are refusing to move into old properties, according to new research.

One in 10 said the possibilities of ghosts being present in a property is enough to put them off viewing anything which was built more than 46 years ago.

One in 10 worries an older house may be haunted

Worrying someone might have died inside the building, a fear of discovering asbestos and not knowing if there are dead pets buried in the garden are all reasons why many Brits would avoid moving into an older property.

While others, in the poll by Skipton Building Society, are concerned about not knowing the history of the property – in case someone has been murdered inside or 'unsavoury' people used to live there.

In addition, 46 per cent of people would avoid older houses because they wouldn't want to be presented with any hidden costs, while a third loathe the idea of having to clean away someone else's mess.

The study shows many of us are concerned about the stability and reliability of older buildings – with 44 per cent claiming they’d worry about the damp and 38 per cent having trepidations about structural issues.

Having to spend lots of money on a property to get it into the style you want, insufficient insulation and finding it hard to heat are other factors which put people off buying an older house.

Many of those polled don’t like the idea of having to move into a ‘project’ while others would be worried about uneven walls and floors, small and awkward kitchens, horrible décor and a lack of natural light.

Hidden secrets are also a real worry for those considering an older house – including finding out that previous renovations have gone wrong, discovering the floors are in a state underneath existing carpets and unearthing wasps or birds' nests in the attic.

Interestingly, one in 10 respondents claim they have regretted buying an older property, and would never do it again.

The chief reason for regret was the expense of keeping the house warm, while 28 per cent became overwhelmed by the amount of decorating that was needed, and the same percentage discovered a raft of 'botch job' made by the previous owner.

Top 50 reasons not to move into an old property

  1. Hidden costs
  2. Damp
  3. Structural issues
  4. It might cost a lot more to get into the style/décor you want
  5. Insufficient insulation
  6. It might not be as warm as a new house
  7. Having to clean away someone else's mess
  8. The boiler might be coming to the end of its lifespan
  9. It would be expensive to heat/take longer to heat up
  10. Too much work and redesign, you don’t have the time
  11. You don’t want to move into a ‘project’
  12. Worried about the state of the roof
  13. Uneven walls and floors
  14. Small awkward kitchen
  15. Not liking the décor
  16. Being restricted by Grade I or II listing
  17. Knowing someone had died inside the property
  18. Worried about asbestos
  19. There might be mice / rats running around
  20. Drafts
  21. Not knowing the history of the property
  22. Lack of natural light
  23. Finding out previous renovations had gone wrong
  24. Having old, steep stairs or stairs with a thin tread
  25. Being too worried to do DIY in case it turned into a big job
  26. Worried about the state of the floor underneath carpets
  27. Having to maintain an old chimney
  28. Knowing 'unsavoury' people used to own the property
  29. The bathrooms are always tiny
  30. Need to spend money knocking walls down to make bigger rooms
  31. There might be bats in the attic
  32. Bird's nests or wasps' nests in the roof
  33. Thin glass breaking easily in the sash windows
  34. Knowing and not liking the history of the property
  35. Needing to add extra locks / security to sash windows
  36. Older properties always get dusty more easily
  37. Things getting stuck in the chimney
  38. You know criminals previously lived in the area
  39. Being in a conservation area
  40. Fearing someone might have been murdered in the property
  41. One of the rooms is a lot colder than the other
  42. The cellar has a mud floor
  43. Being scared of ghosts
  44. Not able to put your personality on the place
  45. They generally have ugly exteriors
  46. Not wanting to live where someone else had lived
  47. Being scared of squeaky floorboards
  48. Finding weird things in weird places
  49. You don’t know what animals might be buried in the back garden
  50. The house is full of someone else's memories

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