Recycle unwanted Christmas cards and plant trees

Recycle unwanted Christmas cards and plant trees

You can recycle your unwanted Christmas cards at Marks & Spencer stores in the new year. For every 1,000 cards received from January 2, 2016 a new tree will be planted. Last year, 6.2m cards were collected, enabling the Woodland Trust to plant 6,256 trees throughout the UK.

The UK has fewer areas of woodland than any country in Europe

The UK currently has fewer areas of woodland than any country in Europe, with just 13 per cent woodland cover compared to the European average of 42 per cent. These numbers need boosting because native trees and woods make unique homes for British wildlife such as the dormouse and help them adapt to climate change. Trees improve the air we breathe, reduce flooding and capture carbon.

Joanne Mathieson, fundraiser at the Woodland Trust, says: "The beauty of this scheme is its simplicity. Simply collect up those cards after Christmas that are often lying about, take them to your local M&S store – there are bins in most stores – and M&S will do the rest. Not only will the cards be recycled, but where it differs to your kerbside recycle bins is that native trees will be planted right here in the UK, too. The more cards collected, the more trees we can plant so please join in and drop off those cards at M&S."

The card collection bins will be in stores until January 31, 2016.

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