How to avoid a blocked drain this Christmas!

How to avoid a blocked drain this Christmas!

Don't pour turkey fat down the sink! Thousands of litres of waste, fat, cooking oil and grease are poured down sinks by people who are unaware that this clogs up drains when it solidifies. Blocked drains rise by 25% during Christmas, with the number of blocked domestic drains rising to around 6.7m each year across the country. And a clogged drain comes with a hefty £90 call-out charge, warns the Consumer Council for Water.

Use our tips to stop drains becoming a pain!:

  1. Allow small amounts of fats, oils and grease to cool and scrape them into newspaper before putting them in the bin.
  2. Many water companies will provide you with a free fat trap eg, Anglian Water offers an Organic Fat Trap which soaks up fat after cooking. Find out what you can get from you water company here.
  3. Twelve water companies including Thames Water, South West Water and Northumbrian Water Goup are working with Waitrose and Sainsbury's on a joint venture to give away free fat traps and fat funnels to people pre-ordering their turkey or roast from either supermarket this Christmas, while stocks last. Find out more about the campaign here.
  4. Mix cooking oil with cat litter or coffee grounds and then throw away.
  5. Dry wipe your crockery before washing to get rid of residual fat or food.
  6. Invest in sink unblocker (£3.95, Mr Muscle Kitchen & Bath Drain Gel 500ml) and drain rods (£19.98, B&Q).
  7. Don't run the hot water and use detergent - it'll cool down in pipes and cause blockages
  8. Don’t put tea leaves down the sink as they accumulate in the drain and clog the S-bend.
  9. Semolina, rice, flour, gelatin, and pastry scraps swell up when water is added, so these need to go in the bin.
  10. Don't put potato peelings down the food disposal unit. Again these swell quickly and don't chop up adequately in a food disposal unit and can easily get stuck in pipes.

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