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Easy DIY jobs you can do this weekend – even if you hate DIY!

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Easy DIY jobs you can do this weekend – even if you hate DIY!

The weekends are the perfect time to get going on jobs around the house, especially now the weather's perking up and we're not so inclined to spend the days hunkered down under blankets.

And even if you're not usually a fan of DIY and think it's messy and time-consuming, there are some easy peasy and very cheap jobs everyone can do over a weekend that's guaranteed to give your home and garden a new lease of life. Matt Philips, DIY professional at on-demand cleaning and DIY service provider, Handy, has put together his suggestions on a few quick, often-forgotten DIY projects we can all have a go at this weekend. 

Revive weathered wooden furniture

Many of us feel a bit run down after the long and cold winter, so we shouldn’t be too surprised if our outdoor furniture is in a similar condition.

To prepare for sunny spring days in the garden, make sure to give it a spruce up. For wooden furniture, use a stiff wire brush to scrub down any splintered wood or chipped paint. Any larger splinters can be glued back using strong, waterproof glue.

Then cover damaged areas such as cracks or holes with a wood filler, using a putty knife, and let the wood filler dry overnight before using a sandpaper to smoothen out the patches to make them less visible. Once done, wipe down the whole surface using a damp cloth and then you’re ready to start the fun part! Apply one layer of exterior primer using brush strokes in the same direction as the wood grain. Once this is dry, you are ready to apply a layer of exterior paint, again painting in the direction of the grain. When choosing your paint, you could give your garden a new lease of life, and turn your furniture into an attention-grabbing feature, by opting for a bright, quirky colour. All you need then is some sunny days to enjoy the fruits of your efforts outdoors.

Re-grout your tiles

Often, tiles look tired when the grout begins to discolour, making the room feel dirty.

Refresh your kitchen or bathroom by re-grouting the gaps between your tiles with a waterproof adhesive. To do this, scrape out existing worn down grout with a scraping tool or razor blade. Wipe the surface clean and apply the grout directly to the opening. To remove excess grout, simply use your finger. Once you’re done, just wipe the surface clean of any remaining grout with a damp cloth. Your room will instantly look cleaner, fresher and tidier.

Silence squeaky doors

This might sound like a small problem, but anyone who has endured the frustrating sound of a squeaky door knows that the high pitched noise can be enough to drive you to distraction.

To get rid of the noise, all you need to do is oil your hinge pins. You can buy sprays and oils specifically designed for this purpose, but using items you have at home such as a paraffin candle or a dry hand soap, can be just as efficient! First, remove the hinge pins from the door frame using a hammer and a large nail to tap them out from the hinge one pin at the time.

Once this is done, give the pin a good clean with a damp paper towel. Finally, rub the whole pin with the soap or the candle, put it back in the hinge again, and then open your door to the sound of silence!

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