Decluttering? Here are some expert storage tips

Decluttering? Here are some expert storage tips

Line a hallway with bookshelves

Most hallways are left bare but they can often provide a wealth of storage space. Line one of the walls with a row of shelving and fill with books, films, ornaments, shoes, or whatever else is cluttering your home.

Buy a coffee table with storage compartments

A lot of people like to have a coffee table in their front room, which generally occupies a lot of space. The best solution to this problem is buying one that has lots of compartments, which you can fill with remote controllers, old CDs or board games. An ottoman or chest can also work perfectly well as a coffee table, while offering a handy seat.

Paint with light colours

While darker colours can make a room seem comfortable, they also absorb light rather than reflecting it, which can make a space feel a lot smaller. Installing paler flooring and wall colours will create the illusion of space and make your home feel light and airy.

Less is more

Use fewer large pieces of furniture and nick-nacks to reduce visual clutter and open up your living space. Consider fitting a window seat to create extra storage and an extra seat.

Put your items into storage

Whether you’re transitioning from a smaller to a larger accommodation, in a temporary living situation or simply trying to make the most of your space, on-demand storage services such as Boxman provide a great alternative to throwing away possessions. We provide the boxes, collect your goods, store them for you and return them as soon as you want them back, limiting all transportation costs and opening the possibility for creating more space in the home.

Paint or wallpaper the ceiling

Decorating the ceiling with colours or wallpapers might seem eccentric, but it's actually a clever way of drawing the eye upwards and making a room feel bigger.

Use stripes to elongate space

The same way that striped clothing can make people seem taller, a striped rug can have the effect of elongating a room - give it a try!

Reflect light with mirrors

Placing mirrors in strategic spots around your home will help reflect light and create more depth. Glass  furnishings are also very popular right now and can create a similarly expansive effect.

Plain sailing

In a small home, choose sofas and chairs with plain or textured upholstery rather than vibrant prints. Sofas are often the most obtrusive part of the home and you don’t want to draw too much attention to them.


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