Lizzy Dening

Guide to the best oven cleaners 2018

Lizzy Dening
Guide to the best oven cleaners 2018

We've put some oven cleaners through their paces to bring you a review of the best product to buy. Grubby oven or messy hob? These products will make light work of it!

How does oven cleaner work?

Oven cleaners are packed with strong oils and chemicals that, when left for a few hours or even overnight, help to break down baked-on bits of food and stains to help lift them off with ease.

How to use oven cleaner?

Always follow the instructions on the packaging and wear gloves when dealing with oven cleaning products. Most require you to remove your oven shelves and pop them into a plastic bag with some of the cleaning solution. The rest of the product is usually poured onto the base of your oven, and you then give the whole oven a good scrub before leaving overnight and sponging away the next day.

What does oven cleaner do to counter tops?

Be very careful about using oven cleaner on your counter tops as they are packed with very strong chemicals and may cause damage. Check the packaging to see where they are safe to use, and if in doubt, contact the company directly to ask.

What's the best oven cleaner in the UK?

We've put them through their paces - here's what we thought...

Oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner review


What's included?

Gloves, bottle, re-sealable bag

How do you use it? 

It's extremely simple. Using the gloves provided, just place the oven grills in the bag provided, with up to ¾ of the solution. Seal the bag securely and then tilt the trays so as much solution coats them as possible. Once done, I left them on my draining board (which I protected with a plastic sheet) overnight (although you can just leave them for four hours if in a rush).

In the morning, using the gloves provided, I was careful to take out the trays and rinsed them thoroughly under warm, soapy water. The dirt and grime fell off and left my trays sparkling! I dried the trays using an old tea towel.
Inner oven:  I applied the remaining solution with a sponge (or you can use a cloth) on the inside and left overnight (although you can leave it for 4 hours if in a rush). Using warm, soapy water, I thoroughly rinsed the inside of the oven and dried it using an old tea towel.   
Although you need to be very careful to not let the solution get onto areas other the items you wish to clean (you need to make sure you read the instructions very carefully), I found the oven Pride Complete Oven Cleaner easy to use, with minimal effort needed. My oven hadn’t been cleaned in an age and I was dreading doing it but I won’t anymore, as this product really does what it says!
Would definitely buy this, as the cleaner is super value for money, costing only £4, so well worth it!



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Hob Pride Hob Cleaner review



What's included?

Detergent, micro-fibre cloth

How do you use it?

It's extremely simple. I poured the detergent directly onto the hob and using a damp sponge, cleaned over the whole cooker (I read the instructions carefully, as you can’t use the solution on acid-sensitive surfaces) and rinsed it off before the detergent could dry. To finish, using the good quality micro-fibre cloth provided, I dried the hob area thoroughly.

Conclusion: Even though the detergent was effective, as you can’t allow the detergent to dry before rinsing off, you need to be quite swift in cleaning a desired area. As a result, I found more stubborn stains needed a second application but overall, was very pleased with the results. After minimal effort, my hob did sparkle after use!  
Would definitely buy this, as it is also very good value for money, costing only £3, so worth it!



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Lakeland Oven Mate Cleaning Gel


What's included?

Supplied with gloves and arm protectors

How do you use it?

This is so simple to use. Just squirt it on and use the brush provided to distribute it around.
There is no smell or harsh fumes and the gel doesn't drip (which in the past with other cleaning fluids I have found really annoying as it gets in between the two glass plates of my oven door.)
I left it on for a couple of hours and 90 per cent of the baked-on food just wiped away. There's a small scrubbing brush for loosening the last few stubborn marks. I did a second application on the most stubborn stain, left it overnight (as per the instructions) and 90 per cent of that melted away the next day.

I also used it to clean the round caps on my (hob) gas burners and they cleaned up as a good as new.

Plenty left in the bottle for another couple of  applications. (I noticed it said not for use on stainless steel,  which is a shame as it's so effective.)
Would definitely buy  -  for £7.99 to have my oven looking like new again is a bargain.


9/10  as it was 90 per cent effective

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