7 cheap and easy Christmas decorations to make at home

7 cheap and easy Christmas decorations to make at home

1. DIY pinecone garland

Instead of buying decorations to line your fireplace this Christmas, make your own for a lot less money.
To create a snow dusted pinecone garland, lightly coat the edges of a pinecone with white paint or PVA glue, leave to dry and then attach each pinecone onto a piece of red string or ribbon.
To add an extra touch, sprinkle each pinecone with a bit of glitter when the PVA glue is wet. Line these over your fireplace or curtain pole for a pretty yet affordable winter decoration.

Repurpose old light bulbs to make baubles for your tree

2. Sparkly glitter branches

These decorations are incredibly easy to make and look great below the mantelpiece.

Lightly coat some branches in PVA glue, then dust with silver or gold glitter. Place in a clear glass vase and tie a large ribbon around the vase for a festive decoration that costs peanuts.

3. Homemade clay baubles

The three ingredients you need to make clay dough are half cup baking soda, half cup cornflour and three-quarters cup of warm water.
To make the baubles, heat the ingredients over the pan until it starts to bubble. Remove from the heat, leave to cool to make a soft, supple ball of dough. At this stage, you can also add glitter to your dough for a decorative touch.
Roll out the dough and use a Christmas-shaped cookie cutter to cut shapes into it, leaving a hole to thread through a ribbon.
Bake on a low heat for a couple of hours and when they're completely dry, tie a ribbon through and hang on the tree.

4. Bauble centrepiece

To create a festive centrepiece that costs nothing, simply add old baubles to a clear glass vase. This simple yet affordable idea looks great with any table decoration.

5. Use old light bulbs to make baubles           

Why not re-purpose old light bulbs to make baubles for the tree?
To make an adorable and affordable snowman, coat the light bulb in white paint before adding a face and buttons. Tie a small piece of fabric around the neck for the scarf and attach to the tree.

6. DIY sequin baubles

Sequin baubles look beautiful on the Christmas tree but can often be expensive to buy.
Instead, a great idea is by making them using Styrofoam balls, glue, straight pins and sequins.
Take a pin and thread a sequin through it, add a small drop of glue to the Styrofoam ball push the pin and sequin into it. Repeat until the ball is full of sequins.
To finish, push a little bit of thread through the top before hanging on the tree.

7.  Lights made from ping-pong balls

Instead of tinsel this year, why not try decorating your mantelpiece with old Christmas tree lights?
A great way to jazz them up a little bit is by adding ping-pong balls, to give the lights a glow effect.

Simply drill a small hole into each ball, insert the light and glue in place.

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