6 items of Christmas memorabilia worth collecting

6 items of Christmas memorabilia worth collecting

1. 'A Batman And Robin Christmas Adventure' - 1948

Comics have been collected by children for decades but only began to be be taken seriously as a collection area in the 1960s. Today, collectors now include millionaires! It's been impossible to forget about Batman over the years with Adam West taking on the TV role as the superhero in the 1960s to him being immortalised in bricks in this year's box-office hit, The Lego Movie. Undoubtedly, this will bring more fans, which could mean prices for memorabilia go up. Current value: £150-£200

2.Queen Victoria commemorative chocolate tin - 1900

Many biscuit tins were used as toys or storage for keys, spare change and other bits and bobs and were consequently damaged over time. That means examples in good condition are rare and sought after. Queen Victoria commerative tins were given to troops fighting in the Boer War as a Christmas and New Year gift from their Queen in 1900. It is rare to find the chocolate inside - empty tins are considerably more common. Current value: £40-£60

3. A Kestner 192 child doll - 1899

What little girl doesn't want to find a new doll under the tree! The J D Kestner doll company made dolls in Germany from the 1820s until 1938. This particular example was dressed by Jenny Shelly for her niece Gwendolin May Shelly as a Christmas present for 1899. The doll has blue sleeping eyes, waxed lids, blonde mohair wig, jointed composition body with fixed wrists, a dark-yellow silk frock with puffed sleeves, undergarments and brown leather shoes. She stands 39cm high and holds a parasol made from a bone knitting-needle. Current value: £300-500

4. Larry Vrba Christmas tree pin - 1990s

When costume jewellery was brought into the BBC 'Antiques Roadshow', ten, or even five, years ago we tended to admire its design and quality but regularly annouced there was little commercial value in the piece. That has certainly changed. Be careful to examine any piece of costume jewellery carefully as damage reduces values. Although replacement stones can be found, they not not match the original stones exactly in either size or colour. This Larry Vrba festive pin has large aurora borealis and round-cut colourless rhinestones, and square-cut Montana blue rhinestones. It is 11.5cm high. Current value: £80-120

5. A Steiff Limited Edition Christmas Musical Box - 2003

Who was lucky enough to have music box? Mine had a dancing ballerina. This particular Steiff example - famous for their teddy bears - is 52 of 1000 and in its original box with certificate. Current value: £100-150

6. First edition of Hercule Poirot's Christmas - 1939

First editions by popular writers from the last 150 years are collectable including this first edition 'Hercule Poirot's Christmas', by Agatha Christie, published by Collins Crime Club. The book is in excellent condition, the dust jacket has had some rubbing, repairs and restoration. It was published in 1939. Current value: £1,800-2,200. Visit www.millersonline.com for valuation advice. Plus check out our collectables Cash in the Attic feature fortnightly in Yours magazine.