5 tips to get your home sale ready for less

Alex Gosling at online estate agent Housesimple.co.uk shares his top tips

1. Regrout instead of replacing bathroom tiles

There's nothing worse than showing prospective buyers a grimy bathroom. It makes one of the most important rooms in a home look unclean.

While replacing all the tiles could drain you of around £600, regrouting yourself will cost you a weekend at home and £15 for the grout itself. Even if you get a professional in to do the regrouting, you will add another £150 to the bill.

Decluttering a home ahead of selling is paramount. You don't want your furniture collection to dwarf a room

2. Store extra furniture at a relative's home instead of hiring storage

Decluttering a home ahead of selling is absolutely paramount. You don't want your furniture collection to dwarf a room.

If you can't bear the thought of losing your prized pieces, storing it in a friend or relative's home or garage could be the most prudent solution. Self-storage units may seem cheap at around £5 a week, but the bills soon stack up. If you are lucky enough to have the option, why pay when you can keep them aside for free?

3. Keep the lawn nicely trimmed instead of landscaping the entire garden

Landscaping the garden may add the wow factor, but a well-groomed lawn can be a major facelift for your outdoor area.

While landscaping and remodelling the entire garden will set you back anything up to £20,000, mowing the lawn and planting a few shrubs could cost as little as £50.

4. Change out handles and knobs instead replacing your entire kitchen

If your kitchen looks dated, you won't be the first to consider a complete revamp. While replacing it will definitely bring it to the present day, a more cost effective trick is to change the handles and knobs.

Brass or silver finishes are most popular in homes today and cost only £2 each, while you look at a minimum bill of £5,000 for a new kitchen.

5. Shampoo your carpet instead of replacing it

Your carpet is likely to get worn out over the years especially in the hallway and stairs, making your property look aged and create lingering odours if stains are not removed.

Get your carpets freshly cleaned instead of replacing them and it will give your home a fresh and modern look. Buying and fitting new carpet could cost anything from £3,000, while a shampoo could cost merely £50.

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