5 cool tips to make the most of your freezer

5 cool tips to make the most of your freezer

Three quarters (72 per cent) of the nation's freezers are full to the brim, yet Brits confess that they don't make the most of their freezers. In fact, just 18 per cent of people surveyed by Iceland said they'd cook a meal using food stored in their freezer more than three times a week.

The frozen food retailer shares its top tips to stop your freezer from becoming an icy abyss of UFOs (unidentified frozen objects)!

1. Keep it simple

Separate drawers for meat, fish, vegetables, sweet treats and homemade or bought 'ready meals' will ensure your freezer is user friendly, meaning you can grab a convenient meal when time is of the essence. Whatever categories work best for you; making your freezer easy to navigate will guarantee your freezer favourites are easily on hand.

2. Don't discard the extras

Whether it's some leftover prawns, frozen herbs or a pre-prepared sauce, keeping a drawer or tray for those nifty little extras that can help to create a delicious dinner can make mealtimes that little bit easier.

3. Stock up on everyday items

 A full freezer costs less to run than a half empty one, so stock up on items that every household needs such as bread, milk and grated cheese all freeze well. Keeping the freezer full with everyday items that don't contain a high water content will stop unscheduled dashes to the shops and save on the pennies as well as wasted food.

4. Get to grips with defrosting

There are so many methods to choose from! Overnight in the fridge if you're organised, a little faster at room temperature, defrost setting on the microwave, or in cold water for some seafood. Just be sure to look at the packaging and check what's advised and how long it will take.

5. Sometimes, only straight from frozen will do

From last-minute guests to grandchildren turning up after school, knowing you have a batch of convenient meals in your freezer can help you keep a calm head when having to cook for unexpected guests. Dedicate a drawer to dishes that could save your bacon (sometimes literally!) and you'll be prepared, whatever the occasion.

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