3 Ways to master 2016 interior trends

3 Ways to master 2016 interior trends

Giving your room a makeover can be as simple as adding a fresh coat of paint. Elma Malik at Furniture Village has outlined the three best trends for 2016 and how to recreate these in your home.

1. Boho minimalist

A cleaner muted Springtime take on boho is popular this season. There's still bold prints with a leafy laidback feel, but the classic bright boho look has been given a more minimalist feel. Elma says "When recreating this look within the home, keep colours to a minimum, using hints of black and charcoal to add context to an all-white backdrop."

Look to solid craftsmanship when choosing your furniture and make natural wooden pieces your focal point. A thick pile rug adds to the relaxed feel of this casual look, and unusual accessories help to create that bohemian vibe.

Yours try this: To add an impressive touch for a boho vibe, this Chrome Moroccan Lantern from BHS is a enigmatic and exotic addition for your hallway or your living room.



2. Pastel pop

Taking inspiration from Rose Quartz, chalky and pastel pinks are a major trend in interiors this season. "To allow the colour to have the greatest impact within your home, ground it with contrasting shades of soft grey," says Elma, "and use accessories such as cushions, lampshades and ceramic vases to add the colour."

Adding geometric shapes through fabrics and furniture help with the softer hues to give the look a more design-led edge.

Yours try this: This dusky pink throw is good to lighten up any sofas or bedding. Just make sure your bedding is quite neutral coloured and add pillows or cushions of a varying hue.



3. Expressive bloom

Florals are often a popular choice for spring summer décor as they emulate the natural bloom outdoors and in your garden, but traditional florals have been given an update this year. "Shying away from typical delicate designs, 2016’s prints are bold, distinctive, and focus on richer, exotic colours," says Elma. "Incorporate this trend into your home with strong prints and vases full of vibrant hydrangeas."

Keep your base colour a cool grey tone and complement the floral patterns with the addition of jewel tones and a variety of luxurious textures such as velvet and satin.

Yours try this: Big floral patterns are good in small doses, so choose pillows, cushions, and little home accessories over bed linen, throws and furniture. This floral cushion from Sainsburys will add a touch of femininity to any darker furniture.



This piece is from interior expert Elma Malik, Buyer at Furniture Village

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