15 clever ways to make food last longer

1. Keep bananas separate from other fruit and use plastic wrap

Bananas produce a lot of ethylene gas so keep away from other fruit to stop them from spoiling. Also wrap the crown of a bunch of bananas in cling film or plastic wrap as a way of making them last longer.

2. Keep dry goods in air-tight containers

Dry foods such as rice and pasta need to be kept in air tight containers such as jars or plastic boxes as a way of preventing not only air from getting in but also any tiny mites or insects that could be around.

3. Use a vinegar solution for berries

Simply mix one part distilled vinegar with 10 parts water and wash your berries in the solution. It's diluted that you can't taste the vinegar and can make strawberries last up to two weeks' longer.

4. Keep ginger in the freezer

Everyone seems to have a different place where they keep fresh ginger but the best spot isdefinitely the freezer. Not only will it last much longer but it makes it easier to grate and peel as well.

5. Keep onions in tights

It may sound strange but grab a pair of tights you no longer use, the thinner the better, and fill with onions. Tie a knot between each onion and suspend in a cool dry place and they can last up to eight months longer.

6. Store asparagus like a bouquet of flowers

Trim the ends of your asparagus like you would before putting flowers in a vase. Then pop them in a jar along with some water and loosely wrap a plastic bag over the top before placing in the fridge.

7. Freeze fresh herbs and olive oil in ice-cube tray

If you have fresh herbs you don’t want to spoil try popping them in an ice cube tray along with some olive oil and then freezing. Then whenever you want to make a meal using that herb you can simply melt the cube.

8. Clean out your fridge regularly

Make it a habit to disinfect and clean out your fridge and cupboards as often as possible, especially if something has gone bad in there. Bacteria will always linger unless properly cleaned with the correct cleaning solutions.

9. Use porous paper for wrapping up cheese

Cheese lasts much longer when it's allowed to breathe so avoid any plastic wrap or tin foil. Cheese paper is available but if you have any baking parchment lying around that will also work.

10.  Paper towel with lettuce

After you've washed your lettuce make sure it is as dry as possible as water will make it wilt. In addition, place a paper towel in the container with your lettuce to absorb any water in there.

11.  Wrap foil around refrigerated vegetables

Celery and broccoli will last longer if wrapped in foil and kept in the fridge. The trick can make your favourite vegetables last up to a month longer than usual.

12.  Put syrup in the freezer

Once opened, maple syrup will begin to crystalise and can spoil within a matter of months. If you only use it sparingly try putting it in the freezer, the high sugar content means it won't freeze and can therefore be used time and time again.

13.  Revive stale bread

If you have a loaf of bread that’s gone stale don’t throw it away. Rub the loaf with an ice cube and then pop in the oven for around 12 minutes. The bread will return to its former glory in no time.

14.  Store apples and potatoes together

It may sound like a strange combination but storing apples with your potatoes can help them last up to eight weeks' longer. The ethylene gas produced by the apples prevents the potatoes from going bad.

15.  Lemon juice for avocados

It’s difficult to stop oxidation causing avocados to brown quickly but one method is to use a light layer of lemon juice on your avocado or guacamole to stop it from spoiling so quickly.

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