10 budget ways to spruce up your home for spring

10 budget ways to spruce up your home for spring

In the kitchen...

1. Upcycle the table

Give your table a new, fun look by buying a piece of safety glass to fit, and underneath the glass putting fun family photos, the grandchildren's drawings or pictures of your favourite places.

2. Turn cupboards into chalk boards

Spray chalk board paint onto a few of your kitchen cupboards and they'll double up as somewhere to write your shopping lists and for the grandchildren to draw. If you don't want to do the outside, try the inside instead.

In the living room...

3.  Wall art

Create your own wall art simply by picking out bits of your favourite wallpaper and putting then in a frame. If you're using an old frame that needs some TLC, try spray painting it for a quirky look.

4.  Revive an old fireplace

You may never use your fireplace but why not trying filling it with logs to create a focal point in the room? This is a low-cost option to give the room a homely feel.

In the bathroom...

5. Fun storage

Try using fruit crates and wooden pallets as clever storage. You can stack them up so make great use of a small space. They're perfect for storing towels, loo rolls and toiletries.

6. Create a nautical theme

We all love a bit of the seaside, so next time you're at the beach grab a few shells and stones to decorate your bathroom. Make sure they're clean and dry before you use them.

In the bedroom...

7. Find charity shop gems and paint them white

Don't disregard old ornaments that look like they belong in yesteryear, instead, transform them with white or black paint to look stylish and modern. Animal figures work particularly well and are on trend this season. 

8. Dress up your dressing table

If your dressing table or drawers are looking a little tired, give them a new lease of life by wallpapering or painting the front. It's an easy makeover trick which will cost next to nothing.

In the garden...

9. Get out the paint pot

Giving the garden shed and fence a lick of paint will give it a whole new lease of life. In the long run it'll save you cash as the paint will protect the wood and short-term it will add a new colour to your outside space. And once you've finished painting, clean out the pots and use them as quirky planters.

10. Create an outdoor room

If you spend most of the summer outside and think of your garden as an extra room, try giving it a low cost makeover. Make some new cushions for your garden furniture and hang mirrors on external walls to create a sense of space.

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