Top tips for looking after your jewellery on holiday

Top tips for looking after your jewellery on holiday

Expert tips from Elaine Helmig, of Jinja Jewelry

1. Always keep your jewellery in its own case. 

If you constantly have trouble fitting everything into your suitcase while packing, it may be tempting to just toss your jewellery into a plastic bag and stick it into the sides of your suitcase – but please don’t do this, and it will get damaged. It needs to be kept separate from the rest of your items so you should invest in a jewellery travel case. One that has different compartments for earrings, rings, and necklaces will help keep it all organised during the trip. A small one may also be able to fit in your handbag so it won’t take up room in your suitcase.

Try this one, from Lakeland.

2. Be careful in your jewellery selection.

Things tend to get lost more easily when you’re traveling – whether they’re misplaced or possibly even stolen from hotel rooms or poolside lockers. You don’t want to risk bringing your favourite, most expensive piece of jewellery and then having it get lost far away from home. Bring some practical pieces that go with several different outfits and that doesn’t feel heavy or make you sweat. Smaller, more delicate pieces of jewellery are also better left at home.

3. Bring wipes to clean your jewellery.

When you’re out in the heat all day while wearing your jewellery you tend to get sweat and suncream on it. Small alcohol wipes are great to have on hand in your purse for a quick jewellery cleaning. Take one out whenever your jewellery needs some polishing up and it will remove the oils and dirt from the surface of your jewellery.

4. Try to take your jewellery off before heading to the beach.

We all want to look our best when sitting out by the pool, but it’s no time to be wearing your best jewellery! The last thing you want is to be looking for an earring that fell off in the sand or trying to wipe off suncream that has left your bright jewellery looking dull. Also you must avoid wearing your accessories in the water because this can end up tarnishing them.

5. Insure pricey jewellery before you leave.

If you can’t bear to go on vacation without your most treasured items, think about seeing an insurance agent to get an appraisal done so you can ensure your jewellery will be fairly replaced should anything happen to it. You can do this with your wedding ring, a family heirloom, or other valuable pieces.


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