How to take care of your winter coat

How to take care of your winter coat

A good winter coat can last a lifetime, as long as it is looked after and regularly cleaned. Having your coat professionally cleaned can be very easy and affordable, but something we tend to neglect.

Choosing a coat for the winter months can prove difficult, with styles ranging from shearling to leather, oversized and neutrals, however caring for them can be easy, when you’re confident on how to tackle tricky stains and marks. Here are this year’s key styles and how to make them look their best:

  • Biker jacket

Leather and faux leather biker jackets always look cool but when cleaned with traditional dry cleaning detergent, they can become brittle and lose their lustre. Consider testing Johnsons GreenEarth® technology cleaning service, which they say is gentle and effective on all materials, ensuring your garment looks and feels like new after each wash.

  • Shearling

Colourful fur, wool and shearling offer a cosy look anf feel but can be challenging to keep clean and groomed. Avoid wearing shearling during wet weather, as the damp fibres allow dirt and pollution to cling to fibres and gather quickly. Always allow these coats to breathe after being worn to prevent colours fading and fibres becoming matted.

  • Pale coat

Not only have macs and trench coats stood the test of time in terms of popularity but their longevity is supported by their versatility. With frequent use, marks and stains can become ingrained into the fabric and over time, leaves a dull appearance. As soon as a mark appears, blot with a damp sponge to lift dirt away from the surface. To maintain a pristine mac, dry clean every four to six months to prolong their use.


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