How to remove common stains from your Christmas party dress

How to remove common stains from your Christmas party dress
  • Wine stain

    Spilling mulled wine down yourself is a regular festive disaster. But don’t worry, with some basic kitchen items this can be resolved. Use water, white vinegar, and a touch of washing up liquid and dab with a soft sponge. Be careful to feather the edges so you don’t leave a water mark. Any residual staining can be masked with talcum powder. If you decide to dry clean the outfit afterwards, don't forget to point out the stain to the cleaner, and let them know what it is.

  • Snags caused by jewellery

    Dazzling necklaces and earrings are a potential hazard for delicate fabrics. All it takes is for a bracelet to get caught on your dress to leave it looking pulled and tatty. This can be easily fixed by simply using a sewing needle (or the back of an earring) just push the thread from the outer material to the inner. Don't be tempted to cut the thread or it will leave a nasty hole.

  • Broken dress strap

    Been slightly over enthusiastic on the dance floor and managed to snap a dress strap? This could ruin the look of the dress and result in some embarrassing accidents. Fixing a dress strap is simple with some fine tacking stitches.

  • Lipstick on your dress

    Don’t worry, red lip marks don’t have to stay a permanent feature on your dress, gently sponge them with neat vodka to help reduce the visibility of the stain.Just because the stain is no longer visible doesn’t mean it has been fully removed.  The correct after care will ensure that the mark doesn’t come back and permanently damage the dress. So, for all of your repair and cleaning solutions visit one of Johnson Cleaners stores nationwide.