Easy tips for wearing prints with confidence

Easy tips for wearing prints with confidence

Why wear a print?

Prints are a fabulous way to liven up an outfit, but from a practical angle they can also offer an optical illusion, breaking up problem areas and slimming you down in an instant. Don't be afraid of stripes, spots, zig-zags, animal prints or other patterns, just follow these simple style tips from the experts at Daxon

1. Team prints with block colours

When it comes to prints there's fine like between looking stylish and looking like a mad aunt! It's great to be as bold as you like with the printed garment you choose, but it's best to stick to just one printed item per outfit, for a sophisticated rather than eccentric finish.

2. Know your 'hero items'

Because prints work best as single statement items in a block-coloured outfit, a patterned coat is the perfect choice. Plus, don't forget that wearing prints doesn't mean dressing like a clown - prints look great in muted colours too. This coat is a sophisticated take on the trend, that will look good on any colouring. Just remember to keep the rest of your outfit simple.

3. Use prints to balance out your figure

As prints are so eye-catching, they are just the ticket to draw the eye to a certain part of your body - and away from another. This is really handy when you want to balance out a top or bottom-heavy figure; just wear prints on the smaller half to bring your body into proportion. If you are bigger-busted, and want to minimise your chest area a plain dark-coloured top worn with a bright printed skirt will make your body look well-balanced, while equally a patterned shirt with dark trousers will take inches off your hips.

4. Echo a shade across your outfit

Make sure your outfit looks well thought-out with this simple tip: choose your printed item, and then pick out a shade in your print and echo it in other aspects of your outfit. This could mean, for example, you choose a printed blouse like this Anne Weyburn one, featuring a whole host of colours, one of them being burgundy, and pair it with a complementary pair of burgundy cropped trousers. Hey presto! A well put-together outfit that's bright but wearable.

5. Have fun!

The joy of prints in that they can really bring a smile to your face a put a spring in your step - even on the greyest of days. Why not exude confidence with feminine shades and floral designs right now, and stock up on prints with darker backgrounds to give your autumn wardrobe a boost, to?o??