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Britain's oldest model tells us 'dare to wear!'

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Britain's oldest model tells us 'dare to wear!'

Daphne Selfe knows a thing or two about style, having modelled for Vogue, Harper's Bazaar and Tatler in her time. And now the striking 86-year-old is fronting a 'dare to wear' fashion campaign at Manchester's Trafford Centre.

The centre wants us to have fun with fashion this season, and try styles or shades that we usually wouldn't. Customers can visit the Style Lounge between Sep 29 and Oct 5 for help and advice, and for the more seasonsed shopper there's a VIP Night on Thursday, Oct 2.

Here are Daphne's thoughts on daring fashion, style icons, and the accessory she can't live without...

What does ‘daring fashion’ mean to you?

It's something that perhaps you think you ought not to wear really - or something a bit exciting - that makes you think, “ooh yes, should I?”

And what’s your favourite look currently?

My daughter always says I’m ‘classy-funky’ - so I suppose that covers quite a lot. I don’t like what I would call ‘ordinary things’ - I do like to go for something a little bit wild, most of the time!

You’ve been incredibly successful with your career in fashion. What do you think has been the highlight?

Meeting all sorts of interesting people and seeing the world; it’s been wonderful. And of course I’ve always loved dressing up. It’s only been in the last 15 years that I’ve travelled so much. Before that I was bringing up children and didn’t have as many opportunities.

And what's behind your success in the fashion industry?

Well I had good parents - I was very lucky! They gave me good genes and health. I’ve always eaten sensibly - brought up in the war, make do and mend - and I don’t think that does anybody any harm. And make the best of everything: be curious, be positive, and have a healthy lifestyle.

Who’s your style icon?

In my day it was Barbara Goalen... She was a fashion model in the Fifties who I always looked up to. Helen Mirren is pretty good too, and Judi Dench. I met Beryl Grey recently and she looked wonderful.

What’s the most treasured item in your wardrobe?

I have so many! I have a purple cardigan from the Seventies - bought in the sale, when purple was not the thing - and I still wear it. I suppose that’s quite iconic for me. It’s very plain and long, which in those days was quite interesting. I’ve always liked long things though.

What’s your favourite type of accessory?

Scarves, I always must have a scarf! I’ve got a long neck and I’m always cold, so it’s essential. I’ve got drawers full of them...

For Intu Trafford Centre's Dare to Wear Style Lounge opening times, and more information about the Dare to Wear VIP Night, click here.