At last - high street campaign with mature models!

At last - high street campaign with mature models!

If you've ever felt out of place when shopping - surrounded by legging mannequins and glossy 20-something model photos - then this is the campaign for you.

JD Williams’  ‘Over 50 Shades of Grey’ campaign is in direct response to research showing that three out of five UK women aged 50 plus feel underrepresented in the media,  and features three lovely  mature women modelling the retailer’s lingerie best sellers.
JD Williams spokesperson Carie Barkhuizen said: “We can expect to be bombarded with images of young women looking luscious in lingerie at this time of year, but what about the more mature woman? Interestingly, our research also discovered that 52 per cent of UK women feel most confident aged 45+, so what better way to showcase that confidence by featuring mature models aged 50+ looking just as fantastic – and sexy – in lingerie as their younger counterparts? Age is just a number and I think our campaign proves that you can good in lingerie at any age!”

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