6 expert tips to help you find a flattering outfit

6 expert tips to help you find a flattering outfit

1. Opt for lower necklines

"These will always serve to draw the eye in and down. V-shaped necklines are particularly flattering for fuller busts, while smaller busted women can avoid minimising their bust by opting for draped necklines." 

2. Avoid anything too tight or too big

"Clothes that are too tight will show every lump and bump with the effect that what’s underneath is simply trying to burst out - and you won't be able to relax all day. Similarly too much fabric will give the impression that you're wider than you actually are.
"Clothes should neatly skim the contour creating a clean and smooth flow of the eyeline." 

3. Keep it simple

"Fuss and fabric create size. Just remember when you shop that: 'clean and simple – lean and nimble.' For example, single-breasted jackets are more slimming than their double-breasted counterparts. Shift dresses or pencil skirts work better than their wide dirndl equivalents."

4. Be aware of hemlines 

"Hemlines that finish at the widest part of the body will only widen that area. So this may mean avoiding tunics and overly long jackets - even if you usually use them to cover up. For tops mid-hipbone is generally a narrower part of the body. A hemline here also cuts across the stomach making it look smaller."

5. Careful ruching is your friend

"Ruching can work wonders as long as the fabric isn’t bulky. Many women think they can't wear something that shows off their wonderful female shape if they have a few bumps they aren't comfortable with, so they opt for baggy rather than slinky pieces. However, with beautiful ruching the artful folds confuse the eye so the overall effect is slim but with beautiful curves."

6. Choose colours and patterns carefully

"Most women enjoy colour and patterns. There’s no reason to avoid them but how they’re worn can make all the difference. Dark colours always help to make an area appear smaller. The rest can be worked in conjunction with other slimming techniques. The best bit about getting it right is that it’s a confidence-booster which is great when there’s a whole world out there to be conquered. "



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