13 tips to help you find a flattering wedding guest outfit

13 tips to help you find a flattering wedding guest outfit

It’s not just the bride who has to look her best on her wedding day - the mother of the bride will be in the limelight too. Whether you’ve already got your outfit or you’re yet to hit the shops, image consultant, Kay Davidson of Alicia|Kay Style tells you how to look and feel fabulous on your daughter or son's big day.
1. Planning is key
“It is all about the planning - every step of the way. The sooner you can get your outfit the more enjoyable the process will be. Your outfit should look effortlessly stylish, but to achieve this you need to get busy.
“I recommend making your purchases four-five months before the wedding.  This not only gives you the biggest selection to choose from but also the earlier you buy, the less likely you will find someone else wearing the same as you which is the mother of the bride’s worst nightmare!”
2. Find out if there's a colour scheme
“The bride takes centre stage, so be guided by her in terms of atmosphere and colour schemes - there may be certain colours she'd rather you didn't wear, for example if it will be too similar to the bridesmaids. Have a chat with her before you shop.”
3. Think about the schedule
 “Think about the practicalities of the wedding such as the time of day of the wedding and the venue (in terms of moving between ceremony and reception). These will all have an impact on what you choose to wear and there may be a need to transform what you wear from formal to more party in the evening. You'll want to be comfortable all day long, so make sure you've got a warm wrap or jacket if any parts are outdoors, and flat shoes which go with your outfit to slip on if your heels start to pinch.”
4. Mirror, mirror
“When you think you have found the garment you like make sure you check your appearance from all angles - as you never know who might be snapping photos of you on the big day. This is very important at all times, but vital for a wedding."
5. Choose your fabric carefully
“Fabrics should not crease. A top tip is to grab the clothing in your hand and if it wrinkles, move on. Creases never look good in photos nor will they make you look or feel good for the rest of the day. Choose an outfit you won't have to keep adjusting or fussing over.”
6. Shape up
“Underwear is important, but especially for this occasion. You'll want to create a smooth silhouette so shapewear will be your best friend on this day. Try Spanx for a wide variety of tops, knickers, body suits and everything in between."
7. Get the details right
“You need to take into account that the smallest detail will have the greatest effect, such as sleeve lengths, which if full length should finish just below the wrist. If you prefer 3/4 sleeves remember to add a bracelet to complete the look.
“The most flattering skirt or dress hem length on everyone is just below the knee. Garments are designed to be altered, so don't scrimp on the final tweak for the big day as it is always worth having them tailored exactly to you.”
8. Splash out
“In terms of expense, it is not just about how it makes you feel for that one day. Pick an outfit that makes you feel a million dollars and you'll want to wear it time and again. The photographs will stay around for decades to come, so bear that in mind with your budget."
9. Don't go OTT
“Less is sometimes more, so if in doubt, leave it out. It’s important to trust your instinct as you want to feel confident, comfortable and of course very stylish for the whole day. Clothes and accessories which need constant fiddling to sit ‘just right’ are not what the day is about."
10. Accessories
“With regards to jewellery, think precious and timeless classics rather than making a fashion statement. Pearl earrings, small pendant necklaces and delicate chain bracelets are all good options - but pick just one or at most two items to wear at once."
11. Hat trick
“Don't be scared of hats - they are ultimately more classic and stylish than fascinators. If your hair is going to be blow dried, have a practice with your hairdresser beforehand where you take the hat in with you.”
12. Feet treat
“Shoes should be elegant but comfortable. Wear them around the house first to make sure they are worn in enough to be comfortable for the whole day of standing and dancing the night away."
13. Be prepared
“It doesn’t hurt to carry a spare pair of tights, just in case of snags. Other handbag helps include plasters for rubbing shoes, hair spray and pressed powder, to keep you fresh all day. Oh, and of course tissues - it is a wedding, after all!”
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