What does your favourite perfume say about you?

What does your favourite perfume say about you?

It turns out that the North/South divide can be spotted in our perfume shopping habits, with Northern ladies favouriting florals and Southern women going mad over musk.

The North/South divide is stronger than ever as the North’s penchant for florals triggers a fragrance sell out, while women in the South snap up muskier aromas, findings by leading discount retailer The Original Factory Shop have discovered.
Sweet summer scents are ever popular in the North, with the fruity undertones of Vera Wang Princess causing it to sell out in 6 stores across the region. Meanwhile, south of the Watford gap, fans of the Great British Bake Off are indulging in vanilla essence, as sales of fragrances with base notes of the aromatic bean have jumped 43 per cent since the debut episode of season 6.

Southern and Scottish ladies are drawn to deeper balms with hearts of sandalwood and cashmere wood driving sales of the musky and more androgynous Jean Paul Gaultier Classique and CK1 Summer up across both regions, according to findings from the Original Factory Shop.
Sensual spicy pink berries make Joop Miss Wild the favourite of women in the West, with the wild violet top notes and fiery tones of Red Door by Elizabeth Arden a close second.
Which is your favourite scent? And does it match up with these findings?


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