Top tips for tackling thinning hair

Top tips for tackling thinning hair

Hair loss, or a change in texture which makes it look limp or flat, can be distressing. Whether it's been brought on by the menopause, stress or just genetics, there are plenty of ways to combat and disguise it.

  • Starting with the basics, it's important to look at your lifestyle - are you taking time out to relax? It's important to carve out time for yourself to do things you enjoy, whether that's taking a long bath, going for a stroll or reading. Emotional stress has been linked to hair loss, so there's a chance this will help, but more than this, it will boost your mood and self-esteem, as well as your immunity.
  • Next, take a look at your diet. If you have a flaky, irritated scalp, up your zinc levels with supplements or by eating pumpkin seeds. Thinning could be exacerbated by not getting enough protein so make sure to eat some with every meal - chicken, eggs and pulses are all excellent sources, while salmon will also give your hair shine. Alternatively, it may be down to low iron levels - have them checked at your doctor, and consider a supplement.
  • Moving on to haircare, it's important to swap your shampoo to something a little more gentle. Look for natural and organic hair products which are free from harsh chemicals - ones which are sulphate, PPD and paraben free ideally. The Maria Nila vegan hair range have launched a new Sheer Silver range, specifically designed for grey and silver hair which are available from Sally Express.
  • Heating and styling tools aren't good friends to thin hair. Using heat can damage your hair, so use tools only sparingly and spray on a heat protector first. Use your dryer on its coolest setting, and only after drying your hair to 90 per cent by patting with a towel and leaving to dry naturally.
  • Colouring can also cause stress to your hair, especially products with bleach. If you can't bear to go grey, then consider a gentler, semi-permanent colour treatment.
  • To conceal thinning hair, try a volume spray for instant results. BOUFFE Dry Spray from Boots adds thickness to your roots, and won't damage your hair. It's available in different, natural shades and also means you can go longer between washes, which will also benefit damaged hair.


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