Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electronic File

Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electronic File

A no-fuss easy-to-use electronic file, which takes the strain off  filing manually....


Yours Verdict

Product: Superdrug Rapid-Pedi electronic file
Price: £19.95
Rating: ★★★★★ (5/5)

WHAT THEY SAY IT DOES: Designed for easy use for achieving beautifully smooth feet. The Superdrug Rapid-Pedi Electronic Foot File comes with 2 roller heads, 2 x AA batteries and cleaning brush

WHAT OUR REVIEWER SAYS: After being offered more expensive brands of electronic foot files to try, we decided to try an ‘own brand’ to see if the price difference meant quality difference – we are happy to tell you that this product delivers in doing what they claim it should, meaning you have extra pennies to spend on other well deserved treats, especially as it is currently half price at £9.97 (while stocks last, usual RRP £19.95)

We found the SuperdrugRapid-Pedi to be a no-fuss easy-to-use electronic file, which takes the strain off of filing manually. Once you have spent a little more time using the file to get your feet nice and smooth on the first use, you only need to spend a few seconds after each bathing routine to keep on top of it. This definitely takes all the fuss away, leaving you to get on with more pressing tasks.

We also found it helpful to add to our foot care routine a foot lotion for super-soft tootsies. At £3.49 the Superdrug Intensive Foot Lotion is definitely worth a try too.