Prevent dry winter hands with our expert tips

Prevent dry winter hands with our expert tips

1.  Minimise the damage from hand washing

Wash thoroughly with a moisturising hand wash at all times and use tepid, rather than hot water – a 20-second rinse is more important than water temperature and will be kinder to skin.

2.  Moisturise after every hand-wash to replenish barrier function

Seek out nourishing ingredients like oats and shea butter to ensure the skin’s outer layer is protected and hydrated. Try Aveeno's Skin Relief Restore and Protect Hand Cream (£5.99/75ml).

3. Protect from the elements

When exposed to the elements wear gloves to help prevent evaporation of water from the skin due to low temperatures and chaffing winds.

4. Give your hands a weekly treat to keep them soft and supple

I recommend applying a thick layer of your favourite moisturiser to hands and then covering with cling film or plastic gloves for 10 minutes – the heat helps encourage the penetration of the moisturiser, delivering super-soft skin.

 5. Humidify your bedroom

Combat the dry air that goes hand-in-hand with central heating by sleeping with a humidifier to put in your bedroom. Humectant moisturising agents found in handcreams, like glycerin, will function better in this environment. If you suffer from any breathing difficulties, such as asthma, consult your GP before buying a humidifier.


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