Nicky Clarke answers your hair dilemmas

Nicky Clarke answers your hair dilemmas

Q My hair has lots of body straight after washing, but soon flattens. How can I maintain volume?
Barbara Cane, Cornwall

Nicky says: There are many great volumising products on the market, but not all will suit your
hair type so it’s about finding the right one for you. From hairsprays to volumising powders, these products are designed to give your hair a boost between washes. Many brands do affordable mini trial sizes so try a range of different ones to find the perfect one for your hair.
Try Nicky Clarke Hair Raising lift, thicken and shine spray (£16/200ml) – this is Nicky’s number one styling product on photo shoots.

Q How can I improve the health of my dry, frizzy hair?
Pauline Cole, Inverness

Nicky says: Dry and frizzy hair occurs when the hair loses moisture. Excessive use of styling tools can make this worse. Always use a heat protection product and spend a little extra time on your blow dry, rather than just ‘blasting’ it dry, because it will help cut down the need for using other heated styling tools. Many of us are under the misconception that leaving our hair to dry naturally is good for it but when you leave your locks to air dry the hair cuticles remain slightly raised, which means hair can dry out more easily and the follicle is left open to the elements and pollution. For best results, wait until hair is 85 per cent dry before blow-drying on a medium heat setting. Reduce the risk of frizz by using a moisturising mask regularly.
Try Nicky Clarke Intense Moisture Mask (£22/200ml) contains moisturising moringa oil for a nourishing treat.

Q As I’ve got older my hair has become terribly thin. What can I do to help thicken it up?
Sandra Thomas, London

Nicky says: Wash your hair with a volumising or thickening shampoo and conditioner and use volume-boosting products. The brush you use could also make a difference; avoid ceramic or metal brushes as they can pull and damage fine hair – opt for a softer bristle brush instead. When blow-drying your hair avoid using the nozzle of the hair dryer, which just concentrates the heat and can dry out the hair too much as well as flattening the cuticles. Try Nanogen Thickening Treatment shampoo (£7.95/240ml) and conditioner (£8.95/240ml) promise thicker hair after one wash without weighing hair down

Q I’d like to go grey gracefully after years of colouring, but have no idea how.  Should I consider highlights, or a tint, and do I need to use special hair care products?
Katherine Mills, Liverpool

Nicky says: Grey hair is really porous, so once the colour goes on it’s not going to come out easily. If you’re reversing heavily coloured hair it will grow out as a block so to soften the look, ask your hairdresser for some reverse or low lights around the crown to help blend the colour change. You can reduce these gradually as the colour grows out, but it will take a while. If your dyed colour isn’t too far from your new grey colour, try weaving some highlights through your hair and over time, gradually reducing these as your colour fades.

Q Is there anything that can be done about split ends between cuts?
Patricia Rose, Sheffield

Nicky says: There’s no reason split ends should occur if you’re having regular trims every 6-8 weeks. If you find that your hair is splitting between your appointments, it’s likely to be down to over-styling and not using heat-protection products.