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Make-up memories: rediscover vintage beauty

BeautyBauer Xcelbeauty
Make-up memories: rediscover vintage beauty

Cake mascara, £12,

If it was good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it is most certainly good enough for us. A beauty secret once clutched tightly to the chest of the most glamorous stars of 1950s Hollywood, you can now give your lashes the star treatment too with this cake mascara. Frame your eyes in a dramatic, luxuriant look with just a stroke of the lengthening yet gentle beeswax and acacia formula every pot contains. And if you want to tone down the smoky look you can just apply more water to your brush or leave it drier to really add something special for an evening out.

Cream rouge, £5.50,

Whilst it was the 1960s when Martha Hill created her original range, her natural skincare products have had a lasting appeal as we increasingly turn toward organic products. This cream blusher not only gives you an English rose glow but also gives skin an instant lift, perfect for smoothing over any dull or sallow spots. We also love that it comes in two subtle shades so you can mix and match to suit your colouring.

Vaseline Vintage (Rosy Lips), £1.95, Boots

A handy pot of Vaseline has been lurking in the handbags of women for generations. To celebrate its longevity, Vaseline have launched a new vintage range of special edition tins that make our trusty petroleum jelly more glam than ever. The range features the original flavour along with the old favourites of aloe, cocoa butter and rose. Don't forget that Vaseline is also one of the hardest working multi-taskers in the beauty world too, great for soothing chapped lips, brightening up tired eyes, reviving discoloured elbows, making eyelashes grow and much more. Our favourite tip is to smooth on pressure points before applying perfume to smell gorgeous for even longer.

Black Opium from Yves Saint Lauren, £44 for 30ml, The Perfume Shop (from 17 September)

The headily elegant fragrance of Yves Saint Laurent's Opium has scented the nape of many a stylish woman since its launch in 1977. Now that classic's descendent, Black Opium, is striding out into the perfume market, keen to gift that same intelligent sophistication and languorous beauty to today's perfume-lovers. Unquestionably intense, Black Opium plays with contrast, matching eye-opening darkness that hits you like a shot of coffee with a sweet smell of white flowers. An addictive and powerful fragrance that will have your mind hurtling back to forgotten days of 1977.

Corn Silk Powder, £7.40, Boots

Corn silk powder is a real vintage beauty secret that made its reputation covering over the exuberant shine those breathless days of the 1960s gave us. Still a real force of nature against shiny complexions with its unique walnut formula, we think this silk powder is great for covering over any blemishes that might have emerged since 1960 whilst leaving your face feeling flawless. And the best thing? No clogged up pores or caked-up heaviness as Corn Silk Powder is ultra light and perfect for all skin tones and types.

Aqua Manda Fragrance, £39.99,

Bring 70s flower power back into your life with the re-relase of Aqua Manda. This groovy fragrance set the scent world alight some 40 years ago with its mix of mandarin, ginger, lavender, patchouli and cinnamon oils that could be squirted on for any occasion, morning or night. We think the spicy notes of this classic perfume are just the ticket to accompany you on a lunch date or evening out.

50's Vintage Tuberose and Jasmine Bath Milk, £6.99,

Crunching cornflakes and bursting cocoa pops have been the soundtrack to many a morning routine throughout the decades. So Mad Beauty have teamed up with Kellogg's to create a range of adorable vintage beauty products that call out to those sleepy breakfasts of days gone by. The range provides a real trip down memory lane that goes from fifties vintage to seventies retro and includes flavoured lip balms, beauty bags and manicure essentials. Our favourite is this sweet-smelling milk, which should make for bath heaven (just don't pour it on your cereal!)