Look younger with colourful make-up

Look younger with colourful make-up
  • If you spent your teenage years playing with blue eyeshadows and pearly pink lipsticks at the chemist, there’s no reason to stop experimenting now.

“Colour is definitely not off limits as you get older,” says make up artist Victoria Waite. “In fact, wearing colour on your face can brighten your complexion, highlight your best features, disguise your worst and best of all take years off your looks.”
Here’s our expert guide to what to wear!

Get your base right

Your foundation is the only place to avoid adding colour, but getting it right will provide the perfect base for flattering colour elsewhere.
“Apply a light foundation with an illuminating, moisturising formula to keep your skin looking fresh,” says Victoria.

Keep blusher understated, especially if you’re using bright colour on your eyes or lips. Swirl a subtle shade that complements your lip or eye colour onto the apples of your cheeks with a large blusher brush.

Brighten your eyes

“Avoid black eyeliner and mascara which can be harsh against mature skin,” says Victoria. “Instead choose a contrasting eyeliner to give your eyes a youthful sparkle. For brown eyes try a gold pencil; play up green eyes with an aubergine liner and brighten blue eyes with copper or navy.”

“For long-lasting application to lift hooded eyelids, use the pencil close to your upper lash line, making the line thicker towards the outer corners. Blend this with a pencil liner brush for a soft, smoky line.”

When it comes to mascara, Victoria recommends applying two coats to your top lashes to really wake up your eyes.

Be bold with eyeshadow

“Swap brown and beige-toned eyeshadow for rich jewel colours,” says Victoria. “Choose rich copper, emerald and berry shades.” Look for a shade with a soft shimmer, and avoid matte tones, which can look flat, and glitter, which can settle into fine lines.

“Use a brush to sweep the lightest shade all over your lid. Next, blend the medium shade across your socket, in the outer corner of your eye, and beneath your lower lash line. Apply the darkest shade in the outer corner, close to your lash line, before blending with a clean brush to merge the colours.”

Give lips a youth boost

“The one limitation for lips is that dark shades tend to be ageing and thinning,” says Victoria, “Go for pinks, orange tones and bright reds rather than deep purples and burgundy. Coral lipstick suits just about everyone – just keep your eye make-up neutral to draw attention to your lips.”

“For the perfect bright lip, start with ARK’s Plumping Lip Balm (£26/15ml),” says Victoria. “It contains plumping peptides and helps to stop colour bleeding into fine lines. Cheat a fuller and more youthful pout by carefully lining just outside of your lip line with a pencil in your shade of lipstick. Fill in your lips with the pencil as well to help the colour last, before adding your lipstick. Opt for a satin-finish lipstick, as extremely matte or glossy finishes can be ageing.”

Nifty nails

“Short nails with a pop of colour look modern and chic,” says Victoria. “You can be experimental with your nails, choose whatever shade you fancy but bold colours look best on short nails, filed somewhere in between a square
and oval shape.”

  • Try Mavala nail varnishes in vibrant Bali or Jaipur shades (£4.75/5ml) from Boots, for a formula that’s free from harmful ingredients.

Colour rules
at a glance…

  • Blue eyes – copper or navy eyeliners; navy mascara
  • Brown eyes – gold or sapphire blue eyeliners; brown mascara
  • Green eyes – aubergine eye liner;
    brown mascara
  • Lips – All skin tones can wear coral lipstick, but only those with dark skin can pull off burgundy or purple
  • Nails – anything goes, but keep them short and neat