Look younger in five minutes!

Look younger in five minutes!
  • Prepare your base

Primer evens out your skin, making it a smooth canvas for the rest ofyour make-up. If you use a primer, you’ll need less foundation – and it will last longer. A good primer should be part of your skincare routine providing extra moisture and sun protection. You don’t need much – just take a small amount and spread it evenly over your face as you would your moisturiser.

Perfect your skin

The latest foundations combine anti-ageing ingredients with soft coverage, perfect for giving mature skin a dewy, flawless look.

  • Try Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus All Smooth Make-up SPF15, £29/30ml with Vitamin E for antioxidant protection and whey protein to help minimise the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Smooth it on with your fingertips, which will warm the foundation and help it blend well.

Apply concealer where you need it after your foundation. Even if you don’t have any blemishes or broken veins to cover, adding it beneath your eyes can help to lighten and lift any ageing dark shadows and make you look more youthful. Choose a shade slightly lighter than your skin tone.

  • Try Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer, £5.49. Dab a little either side of your nose using your little finger, then dot it beneath your eyes and gently blend. Less is more with concealer – if you’re too heavy handed, it will collect in any fine lines under your eyes and draw attention to them. 

Try contouring

Contouring can help slim and lift your face – but don’t worry, it’s not as complicated as it sounds. Suck in your cheeks and, with a small blusher brush, apply a bronzer into the hollows. Tap the brush on the back of your hand to remove excess bronzer before you apply it then blend it well so you don’t have any hard lines.

Next, swirl a bright coral shade of blusher onto the apples of your cheeks (find them by smiling in the mirror) to give you a youthful glow.

Define your eyes

A great eyeshadow quad such as Bourjois Smoky Stories in Upside Brown, £7.99 contains all the neutral colours you need to create an easy smoky eye. Brush the lightest shade over your eyelid, and the medium shade into your socket line. If your eyelids have become creased, hold the mirror under your chin and look down into it to see the outline ofyour socket – that’s where you should place the eyeshadow. Blend it up and out to create a socket line and give eyes a youthful lift. With a fine brush, trace the darkest shade around top and bottom lashes, working into the roots for definition. Finish off with a volumising mascara.

Don’t forget your brows – they tend to become sparser with age so filling them in can instantly take years offyou. A brow product with a mascara-like wand gives a softer, more natural effect than a pencil, which can look too obvious.

Plump your lips

Our lips tend to thin with age so avoid matte lipsticks and deep colours which can make your lips look smaller and draw attention to fine lines. Instead opt for a sheer, vibrant, glossy lip colour which will give the illusion of youthful, full lips.