How to choose the perfect lipstick colour

How to choose the perfect lipstick colour

What does a good lipstick do for your face?

"Finding a good shade for you will not only flatter your skin tone, but will also make your perfect pout stand out for all of the right reasons," says No7 advisor Samantha Greaves.

How can you tell when you’ve found the right shade?

"You know when you have found the right lipstick colour because it wakes up your whole face in a way that anyone can see," says Dr Jo Watson, No7 colour scientist.

In general, which colours/shades suit which complexions?

"There are no rules to choosing a lipstick, but there are certain colours that will flatter your skin tone and hair colour and others that won’t," syas Jay Hickson, a No7 Advisor. "The worst thing to do is to buy without trying the colour on. You really can’t judge if it will suit just by trying it on your hand. So try it on and walk around for a while to get used to it. I also see many women who have become trapped in a certain look, sometimes from decades ago, and will stick to the same colour of lipstick for years. I think that’s when I love my job the most - when I’m helping women to break out of their make-up rut."

What’s the best way to apply it?

"Start off with a lip-liner, as this helps prolong lip colour and prevents bleeding and feathering," says Samantha. "Next, onto your colour application. You need to find a style that suits your routine best, some people like to use a brush, and others apply with the lipstick bullet itself. For light coverage, apply to the middle of the top lip and smudge with your fingertip – apply a second coat for more intense colour."

Why are so many women frightened of wearing lipstick?

"There is so much choice and there is always the difficulty between knowing what suits you and what doesn’t," says Jay. "Many women are used to seeing themselves in a certain way - maybe with a particular colour of lipstick - and so they can feel nervous about experimenting with other colours. If they always wear pink, even the thought of trying orange may feel too much for them. Also, many women are nervous of other people’s judgment, and that reduces their confidence in choosing something different from their usual colour."

Are there advantages in using different colours for day and night?

"There are, of course, no set rules on where and when you can wear a certain lipstick colour!" Says Samantha. "Perhaps most important is the type of lipstick you choose. For example, if you’re after long-lasting colour for an evening out, then the Match Made Stay Perfect range will keep your lipstick looking fabulous all night long. Or, if you’re out all day, try the No7 Moisture Drench range for soft, hydrated lips.

How can you stop feathering/bleeding?

"Try not to apply too close to the inner lip as the moisture here will cause the colour to bleed," says Samantha. "You can use tissue paper to blot your lips, in order to remove any excess colour. Feathering and bleeding is often caused by dry lips, so be sure to keep your lips moisturised with a lip balm. Using a good lip liner, such as No7 Precision Lips Pencil will also help."

I often find lipsticks drying – what can be done?

"Look for nourishing butters like Shea, combined with Glycerin for a moisturising boost," says Samantha. "Alternatively you can apply a gloss over the top to lock moisture in and create a stand-out look."